Newberry Workforce Development, Inc. is creating an employer-led training partnerships in Newberry County with the objective of bringing together local businesses, government and training providers to create a viable and sustainable workforce

Our goal is to create an organization that facilitates the continuous improvement and sustainability of a viable progressive workforce in Newberry County through:​

  • The development of strategies to support the use of career pathways for the purpose of providing individuals, including low skilled adults, youth, and individuals with barriers to employment (including individuals with disabilities), with workforce investment activities, education, and supportive services to enter or retain employment.
  • The development of strategies for providing effective outreach to and improved access for individuals and employers who could benefit from services provided through the workforce development system.
  • The development and expansion of strategies for meeting the needs of employers, workers, and jobseekers particularly through industry or sector partnerships related to in-demand sectors and occupations.
  • The development of strategies to support staff training and awareness across programs supported under the workforce development system.
  • The identification and dissemination of best practices.
  • Develop strategies for using technology to maximize the accessibility and effectiveness of the local workforce development system for employers, and workers and jobseekers.
  • Lead efforts in the local area to identify and promote proven and promising strategies and initiatives for meeting the needs of employers, workers and jobseekers, and identify and disseminate information on proven and promising practices carried out in other local areas for meeting such needs.